At the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, windfoiling will be part of the sailing events for the first time with iQFOiL. The dynamic format fascinates the kids and lures them to water sports. In line with this, the Austrian Sailing Association is expanding its commitment in the windfoil sector. With the establishment of a Techno Windfoil Team Austria, newcomers to windfoiling should be inspired.

“Windfoiling is a new sailing discipline. In Austria, we are focusing on building a solid basis for competitive sports first of all. The aim is to get young sailors and windsurfers interested in windfoiling and to introduce them to the new sailing experience. Together with clubs, local training groups are to be set up and the first regatta activities are to be developed with them. The Windfoil material must be powerful but at the same time durable enough to withstand the rigors of regular training and competitions. That’s why we decided for Techno Windfoil,” says Chistian Bratsch, who oversees windsurfing at the Austrian Sailing Association.

Tahe supports the establishment of the Techno Windfoil Team Austria with attractive conditions for the windfoil material. Due to the low prices, it was possible to give the project a strong push with more equipment. In addition to the sailing center on Lake Neusiedl, the material is also stationed at various other Techno Windfoil performance centers of the Austrian Sailing Association. In this way, Techno Windfoil training groups can be set up regionally at well-suited locations. The pool can be contracted for central training activities and regattas.

“We are pleased about the commitment of the Austrian Sailing Association and the decision in favor of Techno Windfoil. The concept for establishing a national base for windfoiling is convincing. With Techno Windfoil we can provide the optimal basis for the work of the OeSV. We are therefore happy to accompany the development of the Techno Windfoil Team Austria” says Matthias Regber from the sales department of the manufacturer TAHE.

Techno Windfoil is the youngest International Windfoil junior class. It is known as the “windfoiling optimist”. Techno Windfoil offers the ideal entry into this spectacular new sailing discipline. The material is very powerful but at the same time enables quick learning success. The resistant ACE-TEC construction has been tried and tested thousands of times by the Techno 293 One Design youth board. The option of continuing to use the T293 OneDesign rigs enables clubs and associations to get started with windfoiling at an unrivaled price. Techno Windfoil Boards are produced in Europe in compliance with European social and environmental standards.