The Techno Wind Foil 130 seminar and regatta successfully took place this weekend, attracting a group of 30 enthusiastic young participants, including both beginners and those with prior experience in foil windsurfing.

The seminar featured a team of skilled coaches, namely Andrea Melis, Roberto Pierani, and the local expert Luca Pirina. Divided into two groups, the young participants received personalized guidance and support from these professionals. Under the expert supervision of Ezio Ferin, who showcased his expertise in maneuvering the wind foil, the participants were taught the intricacies of jibing while in flight. The presence of experienced individuals like Ezio Ferin provided valuable insights and inspiration to the budding windsurfers.

The weekend agenda included a national regatta where the more experienced participants will put their skills to the test and compete against one another. Meanwhile, the novice participants will continue their journey of mastering the art of flying on the wind foil. This division ensures that everyone can progress at their own pace and be appropriately challenged.

The seminar and regatta have brought immense joy and smiles to all the young participants. With the guidance and support of the four coaches, the children had the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of flying on the wind foil. It was a weekend filled with both great emotions and valuable lessons, fostering a passion for wind foiling among the participants.