From 20 to 22 October, as a prologue event to the Techno 293OD World Championships in Torbole, Italy, an International Wind Foil One Design Championship has demonstrated the bright future in store for the discipline.

A similar event was held in 2020 at the same venue, with a great response and appreciation from riders, coaches, clubs, etc. Tahe has backed its commitment by once again making available a serious number of Techno Wind Foil 130 boards during the event, for test sessions, but also for “charter” for anyone wanting to get involved in the racing.

15 rounds of racing were run in the 3 days of competition, with 21 young Foil Boarders rising to the occasion.
Lake Garda once again lived up to its reputation, giving us great conditions for the three days of racing.
8 countries from 3 continents answered the call and enjoyed some closely fought races in winds varying from 12 to 20 knots. The German team was not only the biggest, but also the most consistent. They managed to see off a late challenge by the Cypriot and French teams, who both won races but were not able to compete in all the rounds. And there was a great performance from the lone Japanese rider, who only discovered his best, most consistent level on the final day.
Congratulations to U17 rider Hannes Roeger who rose to the top of the leader board, beating the leading U19 contender Max Burskens into second place, with Benedikt Breulmann making it a podium clean-sweep for Germany, and laying down a marker for the future.
Big thanks to all the riders, and to the organisers, CircoloSurf Torbole, always highly efficient in everything they do, on land and on water.
Tahe is investing seriously in the future of Foil Boarding, as they have for over 15 years with the successful Techno 293OD class.
Next week sees the 2021 World Sailing annual conference, which will debate and decide the future of the Techno Wind Foil class. We’ve spent the last few weeks working closely on the preparation of our dossier with the Techno 293 class, and they will be available for various video-meetings that will take place during the conference. We will let you know as soon as any decision is announced.
“International Class” status is highly prized and very important for enabling the full development of a programme of national and international competitions, and for according the right to use the official title “World Champion”.