An impressive 200 French foil board riders were present. The U21 and U17 competitions were“open”, in the sense that various manufacturers’ board/foil combos were allowed. But for the U15 class, the FFVoile (French Sailing Federation) had opted for a monotype contest, and the Techno Wind Foil 130 combo was their selection.

No less than 14 rounds of racing were run, in extremely varied conditions (from 10 to 25 knots). The Techno Wind Foil 130 proved itself to be easy to ride and give great performance in what were generally difficult conditions. There were lots of riders who’d never ridden the board who finished all the races and in some cases placed very high in the rankings. TAHE made 20 complete rigs (board – foil – 7m2 sail) available to the FFVoile and the organizers for this event. The whole package has shown all the French coaches, clubs and schools the great potential of TWF 130 “One Design” competitions, and that the FFVoile is right behind the concept.